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Messe-Reisen Falk Office Moscow

The office is now located at WORLD TRADE CENTER next to Hotel Crowne Plaza. Our well trained staff knows the ins and outs in Moscow and is ready to assist you in all travel related services.

Air Travel to Moscow

There exist good connections from all points of origin to Moscow, either travelling directly or via a major gateway e.g. Frankfurt International. Please ask for accurate fares and schedules from your closest airport to Moscow.

Moscow Airports / Arrival

There are several airports surrounding Moscow:

  • The Moscow Sheremetjevo Airport is located about 45 min. from downtown Moscow (regarding normal traffic conditions).
  • Sheremetjevo 2 is the most important one for international arrivals.
  • The other major international airport is Domodedovo, located about 90 min. from the city centre.

Visa for Russia

For travelling to Russia it is necessary to apply for a visa. It is based on an invitation letter which we either provide in connection with a confirmed hotel reservation (tourist visa) or an official invitation (business visa). Please note that we can help you to apply for the visa invitation. With this invitation and all necessary documents you can apply for your visa at the Russian Embassy in your country.

The following information are required:

  • full company address with telephone and fax number
  • list of the cities which will be visited during your stay in Russia
  • your business partner in Russia with full address details
  • name of the hotel you are staying in
  • embassy where your visa will be issued
  • scanned passport copy via email (up to 1 MB, JPG-File, b/w)

Visa procedure should be inneciated at earliest possible time. Anything later than 8-6 weeks prior to travel date can be critical.
Exact information can be obtained at the Russian Embassy in your country. We expressly would like to point out that we can not be held liable or be responsible for invitations which arrive late or at short notice. Neither can we be held liable or responsible for visa which are not issued in time.